Seek God First

When we are going toward something, the way ahead is often dark. We are unsure if this is actually God’s will for our lives. We may get caught up in the excitement of something new, maybe a change in jobs, a new relationship, or a move. But the way is dark and filled with uncertainty. We get anxious and those anxious thoughts cloud our vision. We become so focused on the “thing” we are wanting that we lose focus of our one true aim in life. If only “this” would be added or changed, then we would be happy, financially secure, fill in the rest. But how often do we get past the desired object to look back and see clearly that this was not good for us. What we had wanted so much and prayed for for so long was not what we wanted after all. It was not God’s best for our lives. We must place our desires on Him. We need seek to be more like God and know Him better instead of focusing on the “thing” that we think will make our lives more enjoyable. So often I have looked back and seen clearly the thing I was praying for. I am able from this vantage point to see how God protected me from my own prayers. Prayers that are seemingly unanswered are in fact answered in our protection. God does allow us to have what we want even if it is not good for us. We go through the mess and learn from the situation that this is not right for us. But a lot of the time He withholds the desired object as a form of protecting us from future heartache. How thankful we must be as we look back over our lives at all the times He has protected us in not answering our prayers the way we wanted. Let us learn to avoid praying outside of His will by seeking Him first, desiring His presence more than anything else, praying to become more like Jesus.

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