Taking Fear Captive

IMG_4346What do monkey bars and Faith have to do with each other? Go with me. I am fearful. About everything. Once a fear goes away another pops up. Sometimes right away, sometimes it takes a few days. But there is always something else to worry about. The enemy knows us so well that he is always ready to tempt its with a new fear. For me it’s usually the same things coming back around. I think I have mastered a fear, but it always comes sneaking in the side door. These monkey bars represent what it is like for us to hold onto a certain fear, let go (either it resolves itself or we are not afraid anymore). But then another fear is waiting for us to grab onto. Then another. Then another. So often I find myself telling my husband that I am going from one fear to the next. So how do we stop this endless cycle? Well there is only one sure fire way. Prayer. We absolutely must turn every thought over to God. The Bible tells us to take every thought captive in 2 Corinthians 10:4-6. Our thoughts must be obedient to Christ or they will control us. When a fear creeps into your thoughts, stop it right there and kick it to the curb. Do not spend one minute allowing the what-ifs to run rampant in your mind. You have no time for that. Such foolishness does not belong to a child of God. We have power given to us through the Name of Jesus to take those fearful thoughts captive and send them packing to where they came from. Remember this when you begin to fear.

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