Count Your Blessings

Sometimes things are not as they seem. Like a broken car for instance. This weekend my car stopped working. The timing was absolutely perfect, if that can be a thing with a car that does not run. I looked back at the recent trips I had made and thought of the number of places I could have been stranded. Anywhere but my garage would not have been ideal. But through the grace of God my car was parked in my garage when it decided not to start. I am so grateful for that. I am also thankful for my dad living so close to us who has AAA towing. Since the battery was so far gone, it had to be towed. Oh, and our wonderful neighbors who just happen to own a Motorsports company jumped in to connect us with their mechanic. Hurray for awesome neighbors! We trust their guys completely, so there was no worry about it being in good hands. As it turned out, it was not just the battery. You see, if my car hadn’t had a problem that required it to be looked at this weekend, we would not have known about the engine overheating problem that was imminent. Yep. That could have been a much bigger problem. So a thing like a car that won’t start when I am on my way to get food for my hungry teen isn’t such a horrible thing after all. I made this cute wood tag to remind us to Count Our Blessings in every circumstance. Because you just never know what you are being protected from.IMG_4389

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