1 Peter 1:2

IMG_4486I Peter is one of my favorites. Holy living does not come naturally to us, but thankfully God knew this. The Bible says we have been “made holy”. When God sees us, He looks past our sinful nature and sees the holy nature of Christ. If you belong to Him, you are already clothed with His righteousness. This does not mean we will not sin anymore. Nor does it mean we are allowed to let our sinful nature go unchecked. It means we are on a path that looks different from the way we used to live. The Greek definition of holy says it is different from the world and resembles the nature of God. I love this. The Bible says we will be thought strange for not following the ways of the world. It also says we are in this world, but not of it. This is not our permanent home. As Christians we are ambassadors of Christ living in a foreign land. Remember this as you mature in your walk with Him.

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