Prayer Against Fear

Father, I come before You thanking You for Your compassion and love for us. You are still on the throne, You are still in control. You are omnipotent, all powerful. Nothing escapes Your hand. You are omniscient, all knowing. You have known the details of our lives from the beginning and know them to the end. Nothing surprises You. Nothing is out of Your sphere of influence. You are also omnipresent. You are with everyone at the same time all over the globe. Your compassion reaches far and wide. We rest in this knowledge as world events, and our own personal trials, lure us toward fear. Fear is not from You. Many times throughout Scripture You have told us not to fear, but to trust in You. Help us to do this. It can be very hard at times, feeling like we are spinning wildly out of control, or that there is a heavy blanket weighing us down. In You there is freedom from all of our fears. In You there is hope for tomorrow. Reassure us of Your presence with us at all times. Give us Your peace that calms our anxious minds. Help us not worry about things we cannot control. Help us to be wise with our responsibilities. Silence the “what-if’s” that keep replaying in our minds. We surrender every worry to You. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.