Love Dare Day 12 – Love Lets The Other Win

Stubbornness in a marriage relationship leads to heartache and frustration. Unless a spirit of willingness is developed, issues won’t be resolved. Remember we learned about being willing to compromise in our lesson on kindness. Being agreeable and looking for reasons to compromise and accommodate our spouse is part of what makes a loving marriage. Our ultimate example of selfless love is found in Jesus Christ. He was willing to obey His Father in laying down His life to pay for our sins. Philippians 2:5 says “have this attitude in yourselves which was in Christ Jesus”, an attitude of humbly submitting.

If you are afraid of losing an argument if you give in, please remember that in a fight, no one wins. By stubbornly insisting on our own way we lose the opportunity to be a blessing to our spouse by giving up what we want for what they desire. This of course does not mean compromising on our moral convictions.  But the little, day-to-day issues are not worth the stress and heartache quarreling causes.

James 3:17 “The wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield.”

CHALLENGE:  Demonstrate love by willingly choosing to give in to an area of disagreement between you and your spouse.  Tell them you are putting their preference first.