Love Dare Day 40 – Love is a Covenant

As we conclude our Love Dare study, we learn to view marriage as a covenant with our spouse instead of a contract. In a covenant, we choose to make a commitment for life. It is permanent, unchanging. With a contract, marriage is viewed as conditional. Since we are representatives of God, and seek to live as He wants us to, we need to be sure we are keeping our life-long commitment to love and cherish our marriage partner. Remember God’s covenant with Noah? He promised to never again flood the entire earth in the destruction of mankind. His everlasting symbol of this covenant is a rainbow. Another covenant God made was with Abraham when He promised an entire nation of descendants to come from him. All throughout the Bible we see examples of God’s everlasting covenants with His people.

It is important to note that in order to keep our covenant in marriage, we need the help of the Holy Spirit living in us. We are only able to extend mercy and forgiveness through His help. We are able to keep ourselves pure and devoted to our spouse by His holiness in us.  And we are only able to continuously love our marriage partner when no love is being returned by the grace of God.

For 40 days we have been challenged to extend love in ways that are not possible on our own. If you have never placed your trust in the Lord Jesus for salvation, let me urge you to consider doing this now. If you desire a loving marriage relationship, but have been unsuccessful so far, please turn to God in prayer for help. Prayer is our way of communicating with God. The purpose of prayer is actually to change our hearts to be in line with His will. Maybe the place you need to start to see change in your marriage is with yourself. Pray for God’s help daily to be more loving. Pray for His help to be more forgiving. And pray for His help to meet your spouse’s needs. As He changes us, He will be at work on our spouse as well.

CHALLENGE:  Write out a renewal of your marriage vows. Maybe you would like to formally renew your vows publically. Start today with a renewed attitude of devotion to your spouse.