Easter Resurrection Set

This complete Easter wood set includes 9 figurines: Jesus, the tomb, the stone, an Angel, Mary Magdalene, another woman, Peter, another disciple, and a Roman guard with sword.

The tallest figure is Jesus who stands 5″ and is 4″ in width. The tomb is almost 5″ in height and 7″ in width.

Notice the details in each piece: Jesus has nail marks in each wrist. The women have beautiful, wavy hair. The faces are detailed, as is the angel’s wings. I have also included a sword for the guard to hold.

Some pieces may have knot holes. This is to be expected with all wood products.

*****This listing is for the stained option. Choose between having the tomb and stone stained and the other figures remaining unfinished. ***** Or choose to have the entire set stained. The stain color is walnut for all except for the stone which is weathered grey.*****

I also offer an unfinished option if you prefer to not have any of the pieces stained.

This wood Easter resurrection set is unique to my store because I have hand drawn each figure. A scroll saw is used to carefully cut each one and then they are sanded smooth.

*****Current production time is one week. Please allow additional time for shipping.

Price before shipping is $35.

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